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Letter No 8

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 11:17 AM


 Letter No 8




Most Honoured & Revered Sir,


          I write this with joy as I think the “ content ” you spoke of in your last letter is now near. I have followed your instructions of allowing the breath and the flash to link up but without undue effort. At the same time to reflect on joy, happiness, lightness of body and mind, energy and faith in meditation.


Following these instructions in meditation there was the following experience:-


          The particles of the rupa which used to feel like an inner body of mist, became different. The particles were filled with a new power so strong, that the body felt lifted off the bed I was meditating on. I was filled with “happiness and joy”


          When I arose from meditation the whole body felt strengthened. After 2 further days of meditation, the rupa disappeared altogether and was replaced by this power of force.

                      The boundaries of  the rupa vanished and there was left (1) A center of power which spread outward (2) Clear awareness (3) Great joy (4) contentment of mind which followed after the meditation was over.


                       Now all forms of anxiety and worry in everyday life are greatly reduced. They cannot impinge on my mind. There is also a splendid feeling of well being and energy. I think this state is the one you referred to as "contentment” and so shall continue to follow these instructions. If there is anything further I should do, please may I know. If not I shall continue as I am doing now.


With all my gratitude and thanks and my good wishes and the hope your Highness remains in good health.


Your humble and obedient pupil





Letter No 9

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 10:40 AM


Letter No 9




Most Revered & Honoured Sir,


          I write to humbly ask if I may come to see you- on any day convenient for you between the 25th and 30th of June about 8.45 in the morning.


             I have been practicing the meditation according to your instructions and have recently had 2 unusual experiences which I would like to place before you.


 Experience (1)   Has to do with the complete disappearance of the Ego. There was only an awareness of boundless happiness- and more near to my heart, a profound Peace-


 Experience (2) I had never seen light during meditation before- but 5 days ago, I saw dramatically , a revolving wheel of white light in the center of my forehead during meditation. It was about 3 or 4 inches in diameter and very powerful.


         I shall be very grateful if I may speak to you about these 2 matters. Please could I come one day convenient to you.


 With all good wishes and with all hope you are in excellent health.


 Your grateful and humble pupil.



Letter No 10

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 10:36 AM



Letter No 10






         Received the letter dated 20.6.83. The Ven. Loku Hamuduruwo wants me to inform you to meet him on any day between the 27th and 30th of  June at 8.45 a.m. He also said that as one progresses in meditation lights are usually seen, and also that these  experiences could be discussed further when the meeting takes place.


 May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you always.May your Dhamma aspirations be fulfilled!


 With metta


Letter No 11

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 10:31 AM


 Letter No 11






         Received the letter of the 9th instant. Ven. Loku Hamuduruwo wants me to inform the following.


         “Love” is a very strong word of the world. It always accompanies desire. E.g. Love for a child etc. It is through the separation of the desire aspect from “love” and to wish in terms of ‘ without mental worries and physical worries may they be well and happy’, that it is possible to transform the mundane metta to super mundane level, I.e. a metta beyond  the world of craving. The desire aspect which is attached to love becomes ferocious and begins to torture the object it loves. It is when this desire is in action that it begins to do harm. Accordingly said the Blessed One_



“ Tanhaya  Jayati soko


   Tahaya jayati bhayan


   Tanhaya vippamuttassa


   Natthi soko kuto bhayan”.



From desire arises grief


From desire arises sorrow


If one is freed from desire


Then there would be no grief:


What would there be to fear?


          What is necessary at first is a straightforward development in concentration without external hopes. When concentration ( Samadhi) develops the true nature of objects would be revealed. When their true nature is seen, then the mind would understand ‘ Sunyata’ .As this is the way it ought to be, one should not run after ‘sunyata’ seeking for it.  ‘Sunyata’ should be allowed to come by itself naturally, as an automatic process.




         To do metta is good. Better is Karuna( compassion or sympathy). To be equanimous

(upekkha ) is the best.





         When the three doors ‘sita , kaya, vacana’ ( mind, body and speech) are made to function along with the subduing of desire, conceit and wrong views (tanha, mana ditthi) , then parami would naturally accumulate. We are glad that this view has arisen in your mind.


 Wish you would continue in your progress.


May you be able very soon to break asunder the bond of craving in all its aspects and rise out of the world in the wake of the  Enlightened!


 With metta



Letter No 12

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 10:23 AM

 Letter No 12





         Ven. Nayaka Maha Thero  instructs you as follows, in reply to your letter dated 4.1.84.The 3 experiences you’ve stated should be considered separately.




         It shows an improvement but you’ve to develop further. The revolving nature and the disappearance of the light are both natural.


(2) Waves of “electricity”


         This is a significant development. It shows that you’ve begun to experience the arising and passing away of phenomena. This will lead you to the Insight Knowledge of Impermanence of all conditioned things. Let it develop further, but in a very natural manner. Don’t force things.


 (3) Amplified sound


         This is nothing. It only shows that you’ve gained concentration of mind. In such states of mind, the slightest sound gets enlarged and may even seem to stay on ( stilled) . You must contemplate when you hear a sound , as “sound” or “hearing”.


 May your attempts succeed in realizing the truth!


 In Metta



Letter No 13

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 2:31 AM


Letter No 13




Most Revered and Honoured Sir,


          I thank you very much for the instructions you have so kindly sent me. I shall try to follow them to the best of my ability.


         There is however one point which I should like to place before your Highness with regard to the amplified sound I spoke of. For some time past, I have been aware of different types of sound.


 (1)A sound of a  hum.


 (2) The sound of silvery church bells ringing and sometimes these run together to form a line of sound.


(3) a number of different sounds all merging together. I hear these at different times and they go away after a while.


          But this last experience of sound was completely different. It rose in an instant of time and shot up into the air where it spread all over the sky and space like the top of a mushroom and vanished also in an instant. This “instantaneousness” was the characteristic which made it different to all previous experiences of sound.


         It was more like the previous experience of sight  which I had earlier. So I have an idea that the light in my forehead and the sound (I almost seemed to see) may be connected in some way. Am I wrong in my assessment I wonder.


           I enclose an envelope in case there is any further direction that I should follow. If not, I shall proceed as your Highness has directed.


 With good wishes as always,


You humble pupil




Letter No 14

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 2:27 AM

 Letter No 14





 Received the letter sent to the Ven. Loku Hamuduruwo. This reply is sent on his instructions.


 “The light emanating from the forehead should be considered as connected  with the present meditation.


 Thought it is so, as it too is a result of a cause, the inherent tendency is for it too to come to an end.


         The lastly mentioned ‘sound’ seems to be some thing especially to be considered, because many things had happened in a very short time. That sound should be carefully considered to find out whether it was a sound that really occurred at that time or whether it was a perception which had taken place previously in the mind.


        There is a tendency for sounds which had occurred in the mind preciously to come up when the mind is concentrated in this way. There is a tendency for things embedded in the mind to rise up. At most times one may hear sounds with meaningful words as if they are said at that moment. Things of this nature happen when the mind is concentrated.


       What ever it is, it is quite clear that “sound “ is impermanent. Here it should be understood that ‘ sound’ as well as every thing is impermanent. This is a good experience to understand that every thing is impermanent. One should make it a habit to view all objects that are met by the 6 senses namely: the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, the body and the mind as impermanent, and the attachments and the aversions connected with the objects that are met by the 6 sense doors also should be got rid of or put aside. There are  without our knowledge, embedded in the mind, habitual attachments, which have to be understood. One should make it a habit to understand these experiences so that as a result no attachments or aversions would arise in the mind with regards to them.


      Now it is clear that a strong concentration is developing in you. So lastly I have to say that meditation should be continued without disrupting this development in concentration that is growing.



Letter No 15

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 2:23 AM

 Letter No 15




Venerable &Revered Sir,


         I write to wish you all the best for this Aluth Avurudda. Although I have not come to the Arannya for sometime, the qualities you represent are stamped in my mind and seem to guide me impersonally. This is a major force which guides and inspires me, together with a range of spiritual books, meditation and a drive towards helping others. This last is the source of joy. To give up self for others. In your last letter you instructed me to contemplate joy, faith in meditation, lightness of body and mind and energy.


            My work on this Path has led to a marked change in my personality. (1) My quick temper is more and more under control. As I learn to “understand “ in a back ground of Karuna (compassion) the undesirable qualities fall away. (2) I  find myself less attached which ensures peace of mind.

             In the vision I saw during meditation body , mind and ego disappeared into a boundless shimmering expanse. So then it would be foolish to cling to things which change. I seek the changeless ever keeping this vision in mind- and pin my tanha to this search with equanimity of mind and energy ( a pair of opposites which have to merge). Then one begins to see and know clearly and directly. (intuitively) with Patience and Humility I shall attempt to pursue this tremendous Path, leading to some part recognition of that which is true. The quest of the Nivan Dhatu which lives in everyone and is every where.

           Again, I thank your Highness for the unparalleled help given to me . Each day, I see more clearly what I have to do. It is now a question of “doing” with unflagging determination.


 Eternal gratitude and thanks to my Master.




Letter No 16

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 2:18 AM


 Letter No 16





         When 5  internal powers called Panca – Bala come to maturity through meditation, that leaves a forceful impression on the mind, the effect of which lasts long. The 5 Powers are Saddha (faith built upon correct understanding), Sati (mindfulness) , Viriya ( mental energy), Samadhi (concentration) , and Panna (wisdom). When they are weak within, the mental impressions fade away quickly.


             Even though a powerful experience seems to last  longer, you must contemplate that too as impermanent. Nothing in our mind –body structure remains static , even for a split second. Everything is in a constant flux of changing. As such, you must not attach yourself to any thing that happens in meditation, but be mindful with a keen probing awareness and then let go of every thing.


           You must make one subject of meditation (like Anapana) your base or primary meditation and use the other meditations to supplement it, so that not only Bojjhangas or the 8 fold-path, but all 37 limbs of Enlightenment (ie. Bodhipakkiya Dhammas) would be developed simultaneously. (But the 8 fold – path is supreme among them.)


            I am happy over your progress, but you should not be content with it yourself because indulging in happiness is harmful for further progress.


           As to my health, the general weakness in the body, due to old age, bothers me more than the eye-sight. But that is the nature of this impermanent body, so let it be. As a result, I don’t go out anywhere now, and spending the Vassa in Colombo is completely out of question.


Wish you success in your noble attempt to gain deliverance!





       The B.P.S. , Kandy , had published recently a book on the Noble 8 fold-path, written by Bhikku Bodhi. Reading this might help you.

Letter No 17

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 2:13 AM

 Letter No 17




 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………( one leaf of the letter is missing.)……….


 Remain unchanging – no more ups and downs and therefore calmness will be its nature an unchanging equanimity. I wonder if I have understood the general principle correctly, but this is how it seems to  me.


 I have had 2 further experiences-


(1) Once during meditation when I saw in front of me a sheet of pale pink light – on it were 2 or 3 revolving blue wheel like shapes. When it faded away, I was left in a state of restfulness and great calm.


(2) This was not during meditation – I was talking to 3 others when my entire body became electrified – Then I did not wish to talk but withdrew into myself – Gradually the thrilling ceased and again I had attained the same calmness I had experienced during the earlier meditation – I think this was a state of Samadhi as my hands seemed glued together as during a good meditation. But this is the first time it has happened outside meditation. At this time both body and mind seem to vanish ( or rather my awareness of them) but I think there is a faint awareness of in and out breathing.

            I now work on the 4 types of meditation,(1) Anapana ( as the principle meditation) and (2) Metta, (3) Vipassana – (traversing the entire body with the mind) and (4) sakman Bhavana.


           I would like to have a more detailed understanding of Anapana Sati – especially the 4th stage and wonder if there is some book which would be helpful- The noble 8 fold Path by Ven. Bodhi has been very useful.


  I hope your Highness keeps in good health-


with all my gratitude and thanks for the great kindness always shown to me.


 Your humble and obedient pupil.



Sakman = Cankamana  ( walking meditation)