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Letter No 6

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Letter No 6






Namo Buddhaya!,


          I read and understood the long letter. I expect that by now what happens during the first hour of meditation ( as was mentioned in the letter) has ceased to occur. The reason is, that disturbances created as a result of “ the mindfulness of breathing” meditation, would appear in various ways. They would occur in the effort of inhalation and exhalation too. As a result of that defect the effort for inhalation and exhalation happens as if automatically. Therefore it is necessary to be vigilant in it. At instances of this nature there would be happiness, lightness of the body and mind, a faith in meditation, joy and energy. To each of these the mind must be focused and awareness with understanding has to be maintained.


(2) Most meditators experience this. Some say that when walking their bodies are seen to be beside them in their “cakamana”   (meditation walk). Now it has been clearly seen that the body and mind are two and not one. These are called the understanding of mind and corporealit(Nama –rupa) or Purity of Understanding  (ditti Visuddhi). At such times when they are in that manner, they should be reflected. Reflection should not be done as “ my corporality” or as “ my rupa” but as “ this corporeality which was attached and connected” or as “ this rupa which was attached and connected”. In other words it should be reflected as only “ a corporeality” “ a corporeality” or “ a rupa, a rupa”


          Now meditation seems to have developed much. It should not be allowed to stay like this for a long time. Continue meditation  little by little and carefully.




Contentment is close at hand.


May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you always.


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