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Letter No 5

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 11:35 AM


 Letter No 5



Most Rev. and Honoured Sir,


          I thank you again for guiding me on this High Path of Sensitive Balance. I think now I understand. The effort must not out-weigh calm and relaxation – ( The  Balance has to be found.)


          The “catch of the breath” I wrote to you about always happens during the first hour of meditation- then as the mind and body relax ,there comes a rest and calm as of a perfect sleep and yet the mind is aware. It appears on the point of losing consciousness, but does not.



I must describe an experience I had on the 7th of January between 2a.m. and  4 a.m.


         I had reached the point of calm previously described, when my daughter, who was sleeping in the adjoining room coughed rather loudly. By then I seemed to have left my body and was just looking at it. At the same time I was linked to this body by feeling every atom of it pulsating- when I heard the sound of the cough all the atoms in the body blew upwards like a firework in the sky and then came down again to normal.


          I also felt my mind being attacked by a thought from the sub-conscious but I was able to arrest this, and to hold on to being still and watchful. This is the first time I have had such a clear experience of this sort- of being highly alert and viewing the body calmly like another person watching, and yet being award of the feelings of the body being watched.


          Please forgive me for troubling you but this is a new experience. I would like confirmation as to whether I am on the right tract.


          I have also to say that troubles pour in ceaselessly on every side, but I am able to attend to them, and then return to the peace of mind which is a wonderful blessing- I never had the capacity to do this earlier.


 With all good wishes and thoughts for 1983-


 Your humble and grateful pupil whom you have guided and helped so much.



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