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Letter No 3

Posted on September 10, 2010 at 12:51 AM

Letter No 3




Most Honored & Revered Sir,


          This is to send all my good wishes to you and your pupils at the Hermitage for the coming year. We all hope that you are in good health, and now the weather has improved. I continue my meditation as usual although I think  I am able to bring the flash (like lightning) in the heart to combine with the breath – I do not think I have succeeded in stopping the process at a precise moment of time ( for example after 20 minutes).


         But there arises a short inhalation of breath ( which occurs periodically) which breaks the even process.


          I find the “flashes” now rising along the back of the neck and through the head and reaching almost the central top of the head. I hope this is alright.


          My car is badly broken up with old age (22years) and I shall have to get it mended before I come to Mitirigala….


 With many many thanks for all you have done to help me on the spiritual Path.



Your grateful Pupil.




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