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Letter No 2

Posted on September 10, 2010 at 12:58 AM

Letter No 2

 M. N. V.



Dear Dayika,


          My teacher, the Venerable Maha Thero, is in receipt of your letter of the 8th instant. Regarding your problems in meditation,he offers the advice that you should proceed with your anapanasati meditation along the same lines as before. Even the light now appearing must be treted as any other object coming up   (menehikaranawa) The attention should always be on the Anapana Nimitta (sign) If you become aware of the whole body while meditating, it may be attended to, for deepening of insight. In general, the aim should be the development of your concentration.


          The peculiar experience you had mentioned is not of much significance, according to the Venerable Maha Thero.


         As to your expression of thanks and gratitude to him, he wants me to mention that the honour should rightly be dedicated to the Buddha,to whom one owes all this.



  With metta




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