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Letter No 1

Posted on September 10, 2010 at 1:02 AM

Letter No 1


Mithirigala Nisarana Vanaya


 Dear Dayika,



         The Venarable Nayaka Thero has received your letter of 30th April and has instructed me to send you a reply.


          Regarding your problem in Anapanasati meditation, he is of the opinion that the peculiar feeling experienced by you    ( ie. Inflation like aballoon) may also be caused by unwittingly  following the in breaths too far into the body. The calming down of breath sometimes results in such  situations as you had come across in trying to trace the breath at the nose-tip. So he advises you not to be alarmed when the breath is not felt, rather , you should calmly maintain your attention at the normal place of attention at the nose-tip, until the breath becomes tangible again. There is no need to worry about the beginning , the middle and the end,in such situations. When the breath cannot be traced even after waiting for it at the nose-tip for a considerable time, he says , you may visualize your sitting posture or attend to any point of touch as you are sitting( with the mental note: touching, touching) Then there is a possibility  that after a while you will again come to feel the breath at the nose tip.


          The Venerable Nayaka Thero also asked me to inform you that it would be better if you could send your meditation problems next time in Sinhala. He hopes that perhaps your friends who accompanied you  here, would be able to help you in this connection.




 With metta




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